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Being at boarding school in the pre-internet era, especially a boarding school tucked away in the Oxfordshire countryside, was like being in a cocoon. You had your own life; world events happened elsewhere. ---->>>

For my first week as a new boy at Radley College, back in the summer of 1979, I was followed around by a film crew. ---->>>

My appearance on 'Public School' garnered a smattering of fan mail from girls, which was good, and letters from mothers saying I was the sort of boy they'd like their daughters to go out with - which was not quite as good. ---->>>

The process of being filmed was, I found, peculiar but not discomfiting. At 13, you are malleable, adaptable, better able to take the unusual in your stride. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 06-21, 1965
Occupation: Writer

James M. H. Lovegrove (born 1965) is a British writer of speculative fiction.(wikipedia)