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You can no longer just be a good sailor. You have to be an incredible athlete as well. Having said that, you can be a great athlete, the strongest guy in the world, but if you can't anticipate and make decisions under stress and exhaustion and think ahead, then you won't be able to cut it, either. ---->>>

Going to the gym on my own I struggle with, but when I'm in there with a teammate or a group of guys, it's the ultimate environment. ---->>>

There is no trophy for the team that sails the most. ---->>>

I grew up in Pittwater, north of Sydney; Elvina Bay, Scotland Island area. I had to go to school by boat. To get to the mainland, we had to go by boat, so it was just a way of life. ---->>>

I've kind of banned myself from motorcycles. I've had broken ribs, broken shoulder, wrists, leg, broken collarbone - and it was all from motocross or rugby. All of my injuries have come from outside of sailing. ---->>>

The fact is, an America's Cup team is more than a sailing team. It's anywhere from sort of 80 to upward of 100 people; of designers, engineers, boat builders, an incredible group of people, and there are a lot of nationalities in New Zealand's team. ---->>>

I love America, and I love to say that my family is American. ---->>>

I love getting out of bed for competition. ---->>>

I'm not an aggressive person, but obviously on the sporting field I'll do whatever it takes. ---->>>

In real life, I'm a dad. ---->>>

Trust me: I don't wish I was a New Zealander. ---->>>

Grant Dalton, constantly, whenever he gets asked something in the media about Oracle, he makes the statement that we have got unlimited resources, and we can do anything we like. It is just complete crap. ---->>>

I just love sport; I love competing. I'm obsessed by it, to be honest. I can accept losing, sure, no question, but it just drives me crazy. Just ask my wife. ---->>>

In typical sailing races a long time ago, you'd come in and go out, and the first thing you'd do is probably have a cold beer. The first thing we do now is have a protein shake and our recovery drink. ---->>>


Nationality: Australian
Born: 06-28, 1979
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Athlete

James Spithill (born 28 June 1979) is an Australian yachtsman. He was born in Sydney. After some junior match race titles, in 1998 he arrived third in the Sydney-Hobart and first in the Kenwood Cup. He confirmed his ability by winning numerous races in the following years, including twice the Nations Cup (2003 and 2004), and obtaining a second place in the 2003 Match Race World Championship (wikipedia)