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It's always helpful to have somebody help buoy you in difficult times and problem-solve with and to share the marvelous moments with as well. ---->>>

Shrimp farms are a scourge on the earth, frankly, from an environmental point of view. They pour huge amounts of pollutants into the ocean. They also pollute their next-door neighbors. ---->>>

It's well-known that people don't respond to scarce resources necessarily in what we might consider a positive light. ---->>>

Around the world today we're seeing an incredible transformation, from what I would call a biocidal species, one that - whether we intentionally or unintentionally - have designed our systems to kill life, a lot of the time. ---->>>

Breath does, in fact, connect us all in a very literal way. Take a breath now. And as you breathe, think about what is in your breath. There perhaps is the CO2 from the person sitting next-door to you. ---->>>

I mean, not wanting to be flip about it, but even within a corporation, you get sort of cult-like behaviors sometimes. ---->>>

It took me four months in Biosphere 2 to make a pizza. ---->>>

If I hadn't been inside of Biosphere 2 and really lived a biological life-support system, I definitely would not be involved in life-support systems for space. ---->>>


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Nationality: British
Occupation: Businesswoman