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All of my writing career is about how human beings negotiate dark matter. ---->>>

I am extremely interested in how people negotiate catastrophe, not because I'm morbidly interested in it but because I'm interested in the secret of resilience; that's what I'm always exploring in the stories and the novels. ---->>>

The act of writing surprises me all the time. A miraculous thing happens when you have an idea and you want to convert it into words... and then you start to create a work of art, and that's another miracle, and it remains mysterious to the writer, or to this writer anyway. ---->>>

There are all kinds of under-represented groups in the literary establishment. ---->>>

We inherit plots. There are only two or three in the world, five or six at most. We ride them like treadmills. ---->>>


Nationality: Australian
Born: 11-12, 1942
Occupation: Novelist

Janette Turner Hospital (née Turner) (born 12 November 1942) is an Australian-born novelist and short story writer who has lived most of her adult life in Canada or the US, principally Boston (Massachusetts), Kingston (Ontario) and Columbia (South Carolina).(wikipedia)