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Ambiguity is very interesting in writing; it's not very interesting in science. ---->>>

Black holes can bang against space-time as mallets on a drum and have a very characteristic song. ---->>>

Now, our Sun will not collapse to a black hole. It's actually not massive enough. ---->>>

We have never observed infinity in nature. Whenever you have infinities in a theory, that's where the theory fails as a description of nature. And if space was born in the Big Bang, yet is infinite now, we are forced to believe that it's instantaneously, infinitely big. It seems absurd. ---->>>

I'd like to convince you that the universe has a soundtrack and that soundtrack is played on space itself, because space can wobble like a drum. ---->>>

I would say the connection between art and science is very tenuous for me. It's just that I'm interested in both. I don't think that my interest in art affects the kind of science that I do. ---->>>

The Earth isn't an infinite sheet that carries on for ever, but it doesn't have an edge, either. It's compact and connected. ---->>>

We have to wonder, if there is a multiverse, in some other patch of that multiverse are there creatures? ---->>>

I think there's a certain lyricism in the telling of a scientific story. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 1967
Occupation: Scientist

Janna J. Levin (born 1967) is an American theoretical cosmologist. She earned a PhD in theoretical physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1993, and a Bachelor of Science in astronomy and physics with a concentration in philosophy at Barnard College in 1988. Much of her work deals with looking for evidence to support the proposal that our universe might be finite in size due to its having a nontrivial topology (wikipedia)