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People judge you by the way you play in the playoffs. ---->>>

Don't forget, I'm 39. I didn't come here just for the money to impress myself. I'm not saying I am going to be dominating. I'm not saying I'm going to be good. But I can promise you I will do all the right things to play. ---->>>

You can't give up in any game, even if you are losing. ---->>>

You have to be a good team, but you have to be lucky and stay away from injuries. ---->>>

It's tough in the NHL; you have to produce on a high level. And everybody expects you to do it because you make a lot of money. And I never minded it. I always want to be that guy. ---->>>

We have a lot of rookies in the lineup. More than anybody, I would say. Its going to be something new for them. They have to understand that it's totally different hockey in the playoffs. Starting with the fans, the intensity of the game, every mistake counts. ---->>>

My goal was to play in the NHL, because that is the best hockey in the world. ---->>>

You appreciate things after you lose them. ---->>>

Many European guys go to the N.H.L. at a young age, even without knowing English. But they quickly adapt to new conditions, another game, a new country. They are also young, receptive, can move mountains. ---->>>

I don't really care how we done it, we done it. ---->>>

I like the pressure. ---->>>

First of all, when I was making the decision, I never thought that Pittsburgh fans would want me back. Every time I played there, they were booing me every time I touched the puck. I didn't think it would be such a big deal that I didn't sign with Pittsburgh. ---->>>

The players don't play the position game as much as we used to play. A lot of young guys go up and down, shoot the puck, go for the rebounds. You're getting tired quicker because the body has to react where the puck is going to go. You cannot read it, because you don't have the puck on your stick. ---->>>

I'm not 21 and trying to prove something with my words. ---->>>

In the K.H.L., you're even more patient at your position because the rink is so big, you cannot play that way. ---->>>

There's probably a lot of people wondering if I can play. ---->>>

If I was on a third or fourth line I would probably be in the NHL, because you don't have to produce every night. ---->>>

In the U.S., you have so many rules, everything's regulated and structured. When you make a mistake, you pay for it -a lot. ---->>>


Nationality: Czechoslova
Born: 02-15, 1972
Occupation: Athlete