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Everybody says that it takes a loss to lose and I think it did take a loss for us to lose in a sense. But overall, when we win games here at Duke, and we don't play well, we might as well have lost the game. ---->>>

I must be responsible and accountable for my actions. ---->>>

We play fair and we play hard. If we win the game we win, if we lose the game, we lose. ---->>>

I think that the opportunity to be a kid another year and not have to not worry about the responsibilities of paying bills, and worry about getting an agent and worry about getting an accountant was important. ---->>>

I'm not letting him write anything. I didn't do anything. I just took his pen. ---->>>

The media is going to treat you good one day and bad the next day. ---->>>


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Nationality: American
Born: 11-18, 1975
Occupation: Athlete