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I am making amends and seeking forgiveness. My only hope is that some good can come out of my situation. ---->>>

I have lived a life that has been beautiful and painful at some moments. But I am convinced others can learn how to control a certain kind of rage that bubbles up in many Americans, particularly, but not limited to, women, blacks, and other minorities. ---->>>

I fooled some of the most brilliant people in journalism. ---->>>

Racism built me into a person that was set up to be self-destructive. ---->>>

Those ethical choices often are made every day at a time, minute by minute in ways that you may not even relate to ethics, so I'm going to walk them through the whole story from that perspective and hopefully they'll be able to walk away with something good from it. ---->>>

I am immensely contrite. And I'm sorry for the damage I've done. ---->>>

Once I had a better beat, I needed to have an even better one. And somewhere in that climbing, I lost sight of, sort of, my moral and ethical underpinnings. ---->>>

One of my weaknesses happens to be lying, and I could tell you that I'm never going to lie again in my life, but that would be a lie. ---->>>

You know I am done lying. Obscuring the truth is no longer something I have any interest in doing. I want it all to come out. The good, the bad, the ugly. ---->>>

I believe my own demons would have caught up with me regardless of my race and regardless of whether I worked at 'The Times.' ---->>>

I don't know how one would define an affirmative-action hire. I ultimately do not know what role race played in my hiring. ---->>>

I used to walk around saying that I'm just another black man without a college degree. ---->>>

If they're all so brilliant and I'm such an affirmative-action hire, how come they didn't catch me? ---->>>

Well the first thing I'd say is that I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to do to show my remorse other than to say that I'm remorseful. ---->>>

You face racism in small and large ways. ---->>>

People in the news media after I got caught said how could you have not caught this guy? He had 50 corrections in four years. That's a lot of corrections. Well what they failed to look at is how many stories there were and out of 700 plus stories, 50 corrections is not a high amount. ---->>>

When we report stories, we don't just want to talk to people who did the right thing. We want to talk to people who did the wrong thing. ---->>>

It's very painful to have something that's not true written about you. ---->>>

Some people it seems to me would like for me to crawl in a hole and disappear forever. That's just not in my nature. ---->>>

I think people can learn from my experience - you know, any young people who are under pressure, whether you work on Wall Street or you work in a factory in Alabama, and young journalists. ---->>>

I feel like I delivered a blow, an unfortunate blow to a profession that not only did I personally love doing but that I value for society. ---->>>

I seek to be authentic and engaging, using my own experiences, being as vulnerable as I ask my clients to be, to enhance the process. ---->>>

It's hard to say what role race really played in my case. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-23, 1976
Birthplace: Columbia, Maryland, United States
Occupation: Journalist

Jayson Thomas Blair (born March 23, 1976) is a former American journalist associated with The New York Times. He resigned from the newspaper in May 2003 in the wake of the discovery of plagiarism and fabrication in his stories.(wikipedia)