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The truth is always less interesting than the fiction. ---->>>

In documentaries, you're confronted with reality; you can not manipulate or move it. ---->>>

In Europe, there are many filmmakers working in the same territory: immigration, and the things that are most disruptive to European life today. That's not a judgment. I think it's good that cinema looks at such things. ---->>>

It's counterproductive. The problem with sentimentality is that it kills the emotion. ---->>>


Jean-Pierre Dardenne profile (jeanpierre-dardenne.jpg)
Nationality: Belgian
Born: 04-21, 1951
Birthplace: Liège, Belgium
Occupation: Director

Brothers Jean-Pierre Dardenne (French: [daʁdɛn]; born 21 April 1951) and Luc Dardenne (born 10 March 1954) are a Belgian filmmaking duo. They write, produce and direct their films together. The Dardennes began making narrative and documentary films in the late 1970s. They came to international attention in the mid-1990s with La Promesse (The Promise) (wikipedia)