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Ethics are a key issue, and they're a key issue on the Democratic side, and all people have to be held to high standards. ---->>>

I'm not saying we need to stop immigration at all; people can come from wherever. ---->>>

I like to joke that if I had a dollar for everybody who slapped me on the back and said, 'Hey Jeb, you're all set,' I'd be retired now. ---->>>

As millions of Americans look for work, the Obama campaign and Democrats are attempting to distract attention away from this administration's dismal record. The attack they have launched against Mitt Romney shows just how worried they are about facing him in the general election. ---->>>


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Nationality: American
Born: 10-20, 1952
Occupation: Politician

Joseph E. "Jeb" Bradley (born October 20, 1952) is an American politician and member of the Republican Party who currently serves as the Majority Leader of the New Hampshire Senate. He represents his hometown of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and 16 other towns in east-central New Hampshire. He was formerly a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and served as the U (wikipedia)