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There's only one true superpower amongst human beings, and that is being funny. People treat you differently if you can make them laugh.

There's only one true superpower amongst human beings, and that is being funny. People treat you differently if you can make them laugh.

For me, baseball is more comparable to chess than it is to hockey. ---->>>

I hate cellphones. They are not for good, they're for evil. They're for gossip. ---->>>

I don't care what I do - act, stand-up, write, direct - it doesn't matter as long as I'm being creative and it's good work. ---->>>

Parents have got to chill out. Let your kid eat dirt - they're gonna be fine! ---->>>

I have gone to many theaters where it is so unpleasant with the commercials before the movie, the volume, and the disrespect of the filmgoers. So I understand people not wanting to go to the theater. ---->>>

Forget 'full of myself,' I'm not remotely impressed with myself. ---->>>

I never analyze stuff with comedy because it's boring. It makes you stop being funny. Just be who you are and do what you do, and you're either funny or you're not. ---->>>

Why do I want to be challenged or have challenges? That's why I don't go climb mountains. ---->>>

I do love directing. It's probably my favorite thing that I do. ---->>>

I felt very comfortable about myself when I was much heavier. I feel much better about myself from being fit. ---->>>

I have the bigger iPad, but the Mini is the best. It just seems perfect. The old one seems so big and heavy. I like simple and clean. ---->>>

I'm totally comfortable not being as funny as Larry David. ---->>>

The only thing that I demand of the audience is that they listen to what I'm saying. Other than that, they owe me nothing. They don't owe me a thing. ---->>>

When you see a bad romantic comedy, you see the script, the director, and the actors trying to create this warmth and this pathos and this feeling that you care about them. That cannot be manufactured - it's either there or it isn't. ---->>>

As an individual doing a podcast, you don't get even remotely rich. It's not something to do for money. ---->>>

Directing is really my favorite thing to do, but if I never directed again, I'd be okay if all the work I did was good. ---->>>

First off, I don't do self-deprecation comedy based on being fat. I would always talk about it honestly. Secondly, I don't care how much I weigh. ---->>>

I don't think I'm ever going to retire from stand-up, but what I have retired from is working the road every week. ---->>>

I like independent movies, documentaries. There's not a lot of movies that are commercially made that I dig. ---->>>

I'm a freak for great movies. I love movies. ---->>>

I'm from Chicago and it's a huge influence on me. ---->>>

I've avoided doing network shows because I don't think they're true to real families. ---->>>

In my stand-up, I generally improvise from an outline. ---->>>

Whenever I meet someone who's talented, I always want to write something for them! ---->>>

Certainly early on, I kind of modeled myself after Steve Martin and Bill Murray. I would imitate them sometimes. ---->>>

Comedians sometimes forget that there's an audience. You gotta be conscious that you're performing for other human beings. ---->>>

Acting's fine if the script's written by Paddy Chayefsky and Martin Scorsese directs it, but unless you have something like that, I don't really enjoy acting. ---->>>

I like raconteurs; I like conversation. I liked the 'Tonight Show' when it was 90 minutes, I like when people aren't plugging things per se, and they're just in the moment being interesting. ---->>>

My kids have played soccer and baseball and basketball, and the parents who come to games are always saying and doing things that are just wildly inappropriate. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-05, 1962
Occupation: Comedian

Jeffrey Todd "Jeff" Garlin (born June 5, 1962) is an American comedian, actor, producer, voice artist, director, writer, podcast host and author. He has acted in many television shows and some movies, is an expert in magic, and is known for his role as Jeff Greene on the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, for which he was nominated for seven Emmys in his role as Executive Producer and two wins for Producing from the PGAs (wikipedia)