Jeffrey Archer short quotes

What I have found is that real friends stand by you. ---->>>

Well I certainly have learned and I hope I'm moving on and certainly two years of prison was a terrible punishment. ---->>>

Sixty per cent of people entering prison today are illiterate. ---->>>

I'm passionate again about writing. This is important to me; it's got to be the comeback book. ---->>>

Actually, Sydney is my second favourite city on earth, I love Sydney, but this is the greatest. ---->>>

But the thing I felt most strongly about, and put at the end of one of the prison diaries, was education. ---->>>

When a book comes out I wonder if one person will buy it. It's agony. Of course it's stupid, but it's agony. ---->>>

At the end of my trial, I was rather hoping the judge would send me to Australia for the rest of my life. ---->>>

Exclusive will not be published in book format. ---->>>

The discipline required for athletics carried through to writing. You call it obsession. I call it discipline. By the way, I see nothing wrong with that. ---->>>

I was allowed to ring the bell for five minutes until everyone was in assembly. It was the beginning of power. ---->>>

We all make mistakes but one has to move on. ---->>>

Chatterers are a menace. ---->>>

I think my attitude to human beings has changed since leaving prison.

I think my attitude to human beings has changed since leaving prison.

Very few people deserted me when I went to prison. They stayed loyal. ---->>>

When I was three, I wanted to be four. When I was four, I wanted to be prime minister. ---->>>

I do greatly admire Australian artists. ---->>>

I wrote a million words in the first year, and I could never have done that outside of prison. ---->>>

I spent my first three weeks there on a wing with 21 murderers. I met some very evil people there but also some men who'd had no upbringing, no chance in life. ---->>>

I am currently doing about 30 charity auctions a year. ---->>>

I'm not involved in politics any more and they're quite right. ---->>>

I've loved art for more than 30 years. ---->>>

I put £150,000 into the stage production of Grease and have got back £1.5 million so far. It has been a fantastic success. ---->>>

I'm not taking any interest in politics. I'm not involved in politics in any way. My life is in writing now. ---->>>

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