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As a reader, I notice political views regardless of whether or not the book is fiction. What annoys me is when said views do nothing to advance the narrative. ---->>>

In real life, I tend to yell at people a lot. Not because I'm bossy or mean, but because I'm frustrated. ---->>>

I think people tend to be very myopic and they don't understand how their actions impact others. ---->>>

I never ever, ever say anything against my husband to anyone except my husband. Everyone gets in fights, and I think the natural propensity for women is, 'Oh I want to talk to someone.' But the minute you take what bothers you outside the bond between you and your husband, you let someone else into the relationship and that causes a wedge. ---->>>

I've always been able to cook Italian food. That's in my blood because I'm half Sicilian. ---->>>

I believe that I have such a vanilla life. ---->>>

I'm such a fangirl when it comes to other writers. I read 250 books a year, and I'm always talking up books by other authors. ---->>>

No matter how happy anyone is with their choices, I believe it's human nature to wonder about the path not taken. ---->>>

Everyone who reads me is someone I'd like to hang out with. ---->>>

I'm very detail oriented. I think that's why people enjoy my memoirs - because I tend to remember everything. ---->>>

Expressing political opinion can be a powerful way to establish a character's voice when writing fiction. ---->>>

I'm a humor writer, so I don't always present myself in the best light. ---->>>

Writing is something that I've always loved. That stems from my love of being a reader. ---->>>

You can't all of a sudden go to sleep one night and wake up Martha Stewart. It's bit by bit by bit. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 1967
Occupation: Author

Jennifer ("Jen") Lancaster (born November 5, 1967) is an American author whose titles have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. As of August 2015, she has twelve published books. Lancaster was an associate vice president for a technology company prior to being laid off after 9/11. Being laid off, and her adaptation to being unemployed, became the subject matter for her blog and, later, her books (wikipedia)