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Chronic pain can be very lonely. It can have a shame-based quality.

Chronic pain can be very lonely. It can have a shame-based quality.

I think relationships are really hard. Each one gives you lessons that you need. ---->>>

I'd had a really bad car accident years ago, and basically, the ligaments in the back of my neck were ripped, and I'd never addressed that. ---->>>

It's very hard to balance being there for somebody else and taking care of yourself. ---->>>

If you try to hold on to something you don't have anymore, you can't be happy in the moment. ---->>>

My father taught me you have to believe in yourself and run on your own track. ---->>>

Practically everyone in Hollywood has a neighbor who's been famous, wants to be famous, is famous, has been married to someone famous, worked with someone famous, slept with someone famous, been blackmailed by someone famous. ---->>>

I was raised on Broadway because of my dad, but I never thought I had what it took to make it there, although I always wanted to. ---->>>

I have been suffering for so long and didn't even recognize it. I just stopped doing so many things that I used to love to do due to my pain. ---->>>

I'll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognises because of a nose job. ---->>>

I had intelligent, high-minded, liberal parents who wanted to make sure my values were just like theirs. ---->>>

I have sung, but I haven't sung in any way that I would ever call myself 'a singer.' ---->>>

I'm ticking things off my list: I had a tumor removed; I had spinal surgery; I had four surgeries in three months. ---->>>

Dance is the only thing that makes me feel good. ---->>>

I don't remember ever not knowing about acting. ---->>>

Skinny Cow ice cream and candy - like dancing - brings a little bit of fun to your day. ---->>>

Unfortunately, the people I end up seeing the least are my girlfriends. ---->>>

I wasn't a dancer learning to play Baby Houseman. I was Baby Houseman learning to play a dancer. I was someone who'd never done any Latin dance. I'd taken jazz classes and ballet growing up in New York, so I had dance in me, and I knew I loved it, but I'd never done a dance audition. ---->>>

I don't like to complain. ---->>>

Ageing is inevitable, and the idea that we can be eternally youthful is the pitfall of our society. ---->>>

Anyone who thinks I'm a plastic-surgery freak is insane. ---->>>

Give yourself pleasure; see your friends; go to the movies. ---->>>

I basically walked around with a goiter for four years because I was so afraid of surgery. ---->>>

I found out my husband can cook! ---->>>

I have a plate on my neck. I had my neck fused. ---->>>

I hope that I'll be able to have kids with a mate. But I don't know if that's in the plan. ---->>>

I just don't get that new hot music. I don't know anything about all these groups like U2. ---->>>

I would love to do a little ballroom dancing with my husband... He and I can take a couple classes together. It would be a lot of fun! ---->>>

I was too Jewish for 'Flashdance.' ---->>>

I wish anytime I went into a nice restaurant and asked for a table, they said, 'Well I'm sure you don't want one in the corner.' ---->>>

I've always been a defiant little animal - always very much my own person. ---->>>

If my dancing is a disaster - it doesn't define me as a person. ---->>>

It's like dance is a metaphor for going beyond where you think you can go. ---->>>

The cancer I had is not at all equal to other people's cancer. I've never had to have chemotherapy; I haven't had to have a mastectomy. ---->>>

The idea that I can touch anybody's life in any way is perfect. ---->>>

There are millions of Americans who are suffering from chronic pain. ---->>>

When I try to be perfect, it makes me not have fun. ---->>>

When my body and face were perfect as far as youth, I wasn't happy. ---->>>

When you're in a relationship you really care about, you want to protect it and not talk about it. ---->>>

You have to know me first to think I'm pretty. ---->>>

I went to dance class as a girl because I didn't like sports, but I never did a dance recital in my life. Never, ever, ever. I felt comfortable dancing, and I was happiest dancing, but I was never the best person in the class. ---->>>

I will always have pain. But I exercise as much as I can, and I find that makes a huge difference. And if my body does seize up, I have a pain plan in place. If it escalates, I go back to my doctor. ---->>>

I would love to work with my dad! We've never done anything live together. I'm always open to working with talented people, and I think my dad certainly qualifies. ---->>>

The only time I've ever danced every day was during 'Dancing with the Stars' and in the two-week rehearsal for 'Dirty Dancing,' and that was only to do a particular dance. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 03-26, 1960
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York City, U.S.
Occupation: Actress

Jennifer Grey (born March 26, 1960) is an American actress. She is known for her roles in the 1980s films Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) and Dirty Dancing (1987), for which Grey earned a Golden Globe Award nomination. She is also known for her 2010 victory in season eleven of Dancing with the Stars (wikipedia)