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When you have risk aversion in Japan, the normal day-to-day outflows that happen in a normal market environment slow down. ---->>>

Historically, the pull towards the center in European politics has been incredibly powerful. From Italy to Germany, it has been almost impossible for non-centrist forces to obtain real influence. ---->>>

If you just analyze, historically, the chances of getting two quarters of more than a 5 percent gain in the dollar index, it has happened only two times since the '70s, so it's very rare. ---->>>

Many have wondered if Greece's economy would get so bad that it would eventually break away from the Eurozone - a move that could encourage other countries to follow and therefore splinter the currency union. ---->>>


Nationality: Danish
Born: 04-19, 1974
Occupation: Economist

Jens Nordvig (born April 19, 1974 as Jens Jakob Nordvig-Rasmussen) is a Danish-born economist specializing in foreign exchange markets and macroeconomic policy. He is the founder of Exante Data.(wikipedia)