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I apologize if anybody was offended by anything I said. ---->>>

If the Republican Party continues to ignore its conservative base, then the Party is headed to oblivion. ---->>>

Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party asked me to consider seriously running for president in 2008 and I am doing so. ---->>>

I don't believe in the moon landing conspiracy theory. I don't believe in Big Foot. ---->>>

Put simply, the Bush administration policy in the Middle East is continuing to fail. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-31, 1946
Birthplace: East Cleveland, Ohio, US
Occupation: Author

Jerome Robert Corsi (born August 31, 1946) is an American author, political commentator and conspiracy theorist best known for his two New York Times bestselling books: The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command (with co-author John O'Neill). Both books, the former written in 2008 and the latter in 2004, attacked Democratic presidential candidates and were criticized for including numerous inaccuracies (wikipedia)