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We have to go to war against the people who enable the gun violence, the people who stop us from keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people, of felons, and that means the NRA leadership. ---->>>

Torture fails to make us safe, but it certainly makes us less free. ---->>>

If the minority is able to successfully undo the Affordable Care Act by blackmail, it will be the undoing of the democratic nature of our government. ---->>>

Torture, including practices like waterboarding, violates the legal and moral standards of all civilized nations. ---->>>

Thousands die each year because they are uninsured or under-insured. ---->>>

We do not need torture as an available instrument of interrogation. ---->>>

The forces that have worked hard to stoke populist anger against reform are the very ones that benefit from a health system which puts profits ahead of quality care for its patients. ---->>>

While the notion that torture works has been glorified in television shows and movies, the simple truth is this: torture has never been an effective interrogation method. ---->>>

Government by blackmail is incompatible with democracy. ---->>>

It is not the role of Congress to decide legal cases between private parties. That is why we have courts. ---->>>

I often say in my speeches, I say, 'It's rare in life that you get a controlled scientific experiment.' 'Cause you can't do controlled scientific experiments with real people, normally. ---->>>

If the House Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they should make their case to the American people and elect a president and a majority in both Houses of Congress prepared to do that. ---->>>

Let's drive the message home: we need health insurance reform, we need a strong public option, and we won't settle for less. ---->>>

It is critical that we pass legislation to dramatically reform our health insurance system, and this reform should include a genuine public option, universal coverage, an end to insurance policy rescissions, and no restrictions against covering people with pre-existing conditions. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-13, 1947
Occupation: Politician

Jerrold Lewis "Jerry" Nadler (born June 13, 1947) is an American attorney and politician who serves as the U.S. Representative for New York's 10th congressional district. He is a member of the Democratic Party. After redistricting in 2013, the 10th district now includes the west side of Manhattan from the Upper West Side down to Battery Park, including the site where the World Trade Center stood (wikipedia)