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I just want to play music with a band, live.

I just want to play music with a band, live.

I have a black pair of suede Jimmy Choos. I've only worn them once to a Sony event. The heels have these arrow plates in a pattern. There's gold, black and white and they're amazing! ---->>>

When I get into the studio, it's not about trying to get a good song, it's about whatever comes naturally. ---->>>

I've always looked up to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey for their outstanding vocal performances. I've always been inspired by them. ---->>>

My father is Indonesian Timorese, my mother Aboriginal Australian. ---->>>

I've always been a big fan of Mariah Carey. I think it's her personality. As much as she has an amazing voice, she has a crazy personality and I love the fact that she's not afraid to hide that. ---->>>


Jessica Mauboy profile (jessica-mauboy.jpg)
Nationality: Australian
Born: 08-04, 1989
Birthplace: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Occupation: Musician

Jessica Hilda Mauboy (born 4 August 1989) is an Australian R&B and pop singer, songwriter, and actress. Born and raised in Darwin, Northern Territory, Mauboy rose to fame in 2006 on the fourth season of Australian Idol; she became the runner-up and subsequently signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia (wikipedia)