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I consider myself very lucky. God has a funny way of bringing some things around and knocking you in the head with the ultimate destination. Something I should have achieved quite easily took me a long time to get around to. It came in His time, not mine. ---->>>

I want my kids to grow up and enjoy their childhood and be carefree. I never really got a chance to be a kid. ---->>>

I'd like to fly. Then I wouldn't have to wait in airport security lines. ---->>>

When you lay your life out there, you want it to be as true as possible. ---->>>

From the time I was 3, I wanted to be a major-league player. To accomplish that at 35, get my name on my jersey, be in the clubhouse with major-league players, see my family for the first time in three months, be in my home state and pitch the day I got called up, was incredible. ---->>>

Something I should have achieved quite easily took me a long time to get around to. ---->>>


Jim Morris profile (jim-morris.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 01-19, 1964
Occupation: Athlete

James Samuel Morris Jr. (born January 19, 1964) is an American former professional baseball player known for his brief Major League Baseball (MLB) career. Morris was born in Brownwood, Texas, but spent most of his childhood moving to different cities, as his father was in the Navy. Throughout his childhood, Morris lived in New Haven, Connecticut, Great Lakes, Illinois, and Jacksonville, Florida (wikipedia)