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Happy the man who, like Ulysses, has made a fine voyage, or has won the Golden Fleece, and then returns, experienced and knowledgeable, to spend the rest of his life among his family. ---->>>

France, mother of arts, of warfare, and of laws. ---->>>

In my opinion butlers ought To know their place, and not to play The Old Retainer night and day. ---->>>


Nationality: French
Born: 06-21, 2015
Die: 1560
Occupation: Poet

Joachim du Bellay (also Joachim Du Bellay; French: [ʒoaʃɛ̃ dy bɛlɛ]; c. 1522 – 1 January 1560) was a French poet, critic, and a member of the Pléiade.(wikipedia)