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I have never been a star; I'm just an old character bag.

I have never been a star; I'm just an old character bag.

I was lucky not to have been born pretty. ---->>>

I wasn't beautiful, so there were plenty of character roles. I never did any Shakespeare, I'm far too superficial for that. I just act instinctively. ---->>>

I watch these old films in black and white, and suddenly the door opens, and there I am. The other day, I was wearing the most awful hat. ---->>>

Miss Marple believes in justice and has very high standards. There is nothing you could say or do that would shock her. ---->>>

Retirement is fatal. Luckily, in my profession, you don't have to retire. ---->>>

I love getting back to Wivenhoe. I get out of my wig, bustle and costume in three minutes flat at the end of the play before jumping into a taxi outside the theater and catching the train home. ---->>>

I thought I was the wrong shape: that Miss Marple would be much fluffier than me, much more wearing shawls and things. But I was persuaded, and now, well - I can only do it my way. ---->>>


Joan Hickson profile (joan-hickson.jpg)
Nationality: English
Born: 08-05, 1906
Birthplace: Kingsthorpe, Northampton, England
Die: 10-17, 1998
Occupation: Actress

Joan Bogle Hickson, OBE (5 August 1906 – 17 October 1998) was an English actress of theatre, film and television. She was particularly known for her role as Agatha Christie's Miss Marple in the television series Miss Marple. As well as portraying Miss Marple on television, Hickson also narrated a number of Miss Marple stories on audio books (wikipedia)