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The fragrance that suits me best is Romance by Ralph Lauren. It seems to blend into my chemistry, so it is nice and subtle. I don't like to be doused in scent. This one is feminine, fresh and a bit musky.

The fragrance that suits me best is Romance by Ralph Lauren. It seems to blend into my chemistry, so it is nice and subtle. I don't like to be doused in scent. This one is feminine, fresh and a bit musky.

People recognise me when I'm holiday on the beach. ---->>>

Fashion does seem to have a '20s comeback every few seasons, and I completely see why. It's a very feminine look: the fabrics and the shapes are very pretty and distinctive. ---->>>

As I get older, my skin shows more of how I am feeling, like a mirror. If I am stressed, or not getting enough sleep, I see it in my face right away. ---->>>

I have to admit, I go through phases of being good and bad. When I'm being good, I go to the gym three to four times a week. I do much better in a class with other people. I like aerobics and circuit training. ---->>>

I like 'X Factor' as much as the next person, but I do get overwhelmed with the amount of reality TV. It's such cheap programming and such a load of rubbish, most of it. ---->>>

I'm happy with the way I look but I'm not Hollywood beautiful. ---->>>

If you're wearing something I like, I will come over and ask where you got it from. I'm not shy! ---->>>

Ill-fitted T-shirts stretched over a gut are my pet hate. And if the colour's faded - ugh. ---->>>

It's very kind of 'Wuthering Heights' where my parents' house is, moors and deserted. It's very wild and mystic. ---->>>

My skin doesn't look as good when I'm not eating enough fruits and vegetables, so I try to eat plenty. ---->>>

The most I've spent on shoes were a pair from Kurt Geiger for £250. ---->>>

When something is dramatized, it provokes a much more emotive response than just hearing a story on the news. ---->>>

In true-life dramas, you have to do so much research. It's a big responsibility to make sure things are as correct as possible. In 'Robin Hood', you have more artistic license - it's all action, adventure and reaction. This gives everyone a chance to make their characters their own and to make them believable. ---->>>

A lot of period pieces we see are adaptations of novels - we always know the story. ---->>>

'Coronation Street' was my first job, Zoe was a controversial character, and I wasn't used to everyone looking at me. ---->>>

I grew up on a farm - it was a lovely life; we'd make tree houses all day - and my parents worked from home. ---->>>

I think I can be relatively attractive when I dress up, but I'm not Julia Roberts or Catherine Zeta Jones. ---->>>

I want the chance to play very different characters, and I've always wanted to do more films. ---->>>

I was neurotic and weird from an early age. ---->>>

I've rarely played glamorous roles. I don't mind looking plain on camera. ---->>>

I use mainly products by Dermalogica. They have specialized formulas to target specific skin needs, which I like. It works well for my sensitive skin. ---->>>

As an actor, or as a person, I like to do things that are challenging. ---->>>

I always play girls who are quite traumatised, or a plain girl, but I'm happy with that. ---->>>

I love heels! I especially like heels by Nicholas Kirkwood, Jimmy Choo and Moschino. ---->>>

I really enjoy dressing up. I'm pretty much a girlie girl. ---->>>

If you can do something great in 60 seconds, you can do anything, really. ---->>>

The condition of my skin changes often, depending on the season or if I'm traveling a lot. ---->>>

There's an interesting mix to 'Robin Hood' because it's kind of modern but medieval. There is a blend of adventure with a very modern feel. ---->>>

When I'm filming, I live out of a suitcase, so everything is thrown everywhere. In real life, I'm a bit tidier. ---->>>

You can have a great script, and it can be a great show, but for whatever reason, it just doesn't take the public's interest. ---->>>

I do Facebook, but I only have my friends and family on it, and they always laugh at me for how little I post. I don't know how to upload photos, so I never add pictures. ---->>>

It's not that anything has changed about me, and, it's a cliche, but I think that as you get older, you learn to accept who you are, and you feel more comfortable in your own skin. ---->>>

My agent asked if I fancied Robin Hood and I thought: 'Yeah, why not?' I hadn't watched it, to be honest, but I'd seen bits and knew it was really popular Saturday family viewing with heaps of action. I thought it would be great fun. I was up for a good old play-fighting and the scripts were terrifically exciting. ---->>>

My dad had a flock of sheep, which he used to milk, and then my mum used to make cheese and yogurt out of the sheep's milk and sell it. It was kind of an unusual upbringing, really. ---->>>

My mum said she remembers me asking her if she'd take me to ballet lessons when I was about two and a half. She said I could barely speak, and yet was asking for ballet lessons. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 08-21, 1980
Birthplace: Littlebeck, North Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Actress

Joanne Froggatt (born 23 August 1980) is an English actress of stage, television, and film. From 2010, she played lady's maid Anna Bates in all six seasons of the period drama Downton Abbey. For this role, she received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television in 2014 (wikipedia)