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It frustrates me if I'm not good at something, so I do it until I get good at it. ---->>>

I hate striking out, doesn't matter what time of the game. I just don't like striking out. ---->>>

I love catching, being involved in every pitch of the game; obviously, it beats you up both mentally and physically. ---->>>

As you get older, you learn there are some things out of your control. ---->>>

I like Lil Wayne. ---->>>

Nobody wants to hear me rap. ---->>>

I don't even attempt to sing. ---->>>

I'm not as cool as I'm supposed to be. ---->>>


Name: Joe Mauer
Nationality: American
Born: 04-19, 1983
Occupation: Athlete

Joseph Patrick Mauer (born April 19, 1983) is an American professional baseball player for the Minnesota Twins. He has played as a catcher, designated hitter, and first baseman for the Twins in Major League Baseball (MLB). He is the only catcher in MLB history to win three batting titles, and the only catcher to ever win a batting title in the American League (wikipedia)