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Avoiding combat duty was and is an unforgivable sin for a professional soldier. ---->>>

In the summer of 1952, when I was 30, the Army assigned me to an infantry unit fighting in Korea. Meanwhile, though, there was other news in my family: My father had become the Republican presidential nominee. As an ambitious young major, I refused any offers for other assignments. ---->>>

Almost everything else I have done during my adult years has been affected to some extent by my name - by my father's position, if you will. But in the air, I had no name; to the Federal Aviation Agency I was simply Comanche Nine-Nine POP. The quality of my landings, navigation and judgment were mine alone. ---->>>

My dad being an Army officer, I was just born to it. I was raised in a military manner, and it was a given that Army brats went to West Point, so I went to West Point in 1941. And being in the military has been my life. ---->>>

I do not believe that the children of presidents or vice-presidents should be assigned to combat zones. They have no place there. ---->>>

The British soldiers serving in Afghanistan alongside Prince Harry were in exceptional danger until he was withdrawn. ---->>>

As son of a Republican president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, it is automatically expected by many that I am a Republican. For 50 years, through the election of 2000, I was. ---->>>

My dad had the greatest admiration for MacArthur when they were working together in Washington before the Philippines. And Dad used to talk with absolute awe about MacArthur's brain. ---->>>

I was a lieutenant in World War II. ---->>>

When France fell in 1940, De Gaulle was a temporary brigadier general. ---->>>

You know, my dad was a lieutenant colonel at Ft. Lewis on the 3rd of March, 1941. Fifteen months later, he was commanding a theater of war. ---->>>

Unlike the Afghans and Iraqis, the South Korean people solidly supported the American military presence, which was part of a United Nations operation. ---->>>


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Nationality: American
Born: 08-03, 1922
Die: 12-21, 2013
Occupation: Soldier