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The worst thing you can do is try to manipulate or control perceptions. It's impossible, and when you are found out the result is disastrous. Better to be transparent and play well with others so that when bad things happen you have a reservoir of good will to bank on. ---->>>

Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times. ---->>>

If men can learn to be less defensive, more open to others, and more accepting of accountability, they will adapt well to the new global economy. ---->>>

Everywhere, people are beginning to question masculine notions of control, aggression and black-and-white thinking - and instead are favoring more empathetic, nurturing and collaborative approaches. ---->>>

All leaders, male or female, innately possess feminine qualities like empathy, candor and vulnerability - the difference lies in which leaders choose to suppress those qualities, and which choose to leverage them as strengths. ---->>>

A German firm called Friendsurance relies on people forming their own groups, which apply peer pressure to keep claims and costs lower. The result is refunded premiums for customers and profit for the company. ---->>>

While leaders spend considerable time and effort trying to envision markets and pushing out innovation, empathy can often generate simple, yet breakthrough ideas. ---->>>

Businesses have to make gestures that go beyond words. Persuasion no longer works. ---->>>

Companies have to be innovative in leading with values the same way they have to be innovative in their products and services. ---->>>

The strong emergence of pro-feminine values in highly masculine societies signals that traditional masculine structures will continue to be challenged as the Millennial generation grows up and gains even more influence. ---->>>

Businesses are going to innovate in how they bring prices down so people can shop the way they want. ---->>>


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