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I don't have many regrets. I regret mistakes, particularly those that damage other people, and we've all made some of those. But I'm not sad about change. ---->>>

I have never been a social lion; I was misidentified as one because I have a very attractive second wife. ---->>>

Commercial banks are very good for certain businesses, like loans and guarding other people's money. They're not great investors or entrepreneurs. ---->>>

The media, the polls and our legislatures fortunately have short attention spans. ---->>>

I am more rich in goods than I am in money. ---->>>

I thought that ending Glass-Steagall was a mistake. ---->>>

Shareholders share in the downside and not necessarily in the upside; that's the whole story. ---->>>

I never thought of myself as a king. People really want you to be their deity. They forget the fact that you are a person who has feelings and doubts. ---->>>

People in Philadelphia are a world apart from New York. They're very different from people in the New York scene. The New York scene wants your visibility and wants your money. ---->>>

Proprietary stock-index arbitrage is but one aspect of program trading. Arbitrage will take place whenever there is an imbalance created in one or more markets that are similar. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 2015
Birthplace: Scarsdale, New York
Die: 2016-03-09
Occupation: Businessman

John Halle Gutfreund (14 September 1929 – 9 March 2016) was an American banker, businessman and investor. He was the CEO of Salomon Brothers Inc, an investment bank that gained notoriety in the 1980s. Gutfreund turned Salomon Brothers from a private partnership into a publicly traded corporation which started a trend in Wall Street for investment companies to go public (wikipedia)