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It is through accomplishment that man makes his contribution and contribution is life's greatest reward. ---->>>

Buildings should serve people, not the other way around. ---->>>

Architects in the past have tended to concentrate their attention on the building as a static object. I believe dynamics are more important: the dynamics of people, their interaction with spaces and environmental condition. ---->>>

We must learn to understand humanity better so that we can create an environment that is more beneficial to people, more rewarding, more pleasant to experience. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 12-04, 1924
Birthplace: Walhalla, South Carolina, USA
Occupation: Architect

John Calvin Portman Jr. (born December 4, 1924; Walhalla, South Carolina) is an American neofuturistic architect and real estate developer widely known for popularizing hotels and office buildings with multi-storied interior atria. Portman also had a particularly large impact on the cityscape of his hometown of Atlanta, with the Peachtree Center complex serving as downtown's business and tourism anchor from the 1970s onward (wikipedia)