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I ask the people of Connecticut for their forgiveness, I should have paid more attention to people around me and people that I trusted but I am sorry for my actions and take full responsibility. ---->>>

It is not about the money. It's the public service aspect. Absolutely, I think it has qualities of redemption. The city gets a second chance. I get a second chance. ---->>>

The problem is that perception is reality. ---->>>

And as I ask for your forgiveness, I also ask for your support to keep all things in perspective and keep all things in proportion. The good of nine years versus the bad. ---->>>

I hope there have been times when I made you all proud, or made you all smile or at least piqued your interest in this wonderful institution we call government. ---->>>

As society changes, laws have to change to protect citizens along the way. Sometimes you have to try new and different and creative ways to solve problems. You have to take some risks. ---->>>

If you feel your school is failing you, the question is why. Is it a lack of parental involvement, large classes, school violence, poor learning environment? Are there any standards to determine where problems are? Are there tutoring or mentoring programs? If the school is still failing after 3 years then what are your options? ---->>>

Competition among schools is always a great motivator. ---->>>

I may not understand it or accept it, but the world is changing. ---->>>

I plan on being a friend, a good leader and a good governor over these next three years. ---->>>

If children are reading well by the 3rd or 4th grade then everything else works. ---->>>

My legacy as governor was UConn and the cities. This is my passion. When I was governor, I would call Waterbury the center of the universe. ---->>>

I'm excited about seeing a bipartisan plan to reform education in the United States. The only other option is to protect the status quo and I really don't think anybody wants to do that. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-24, 1957
Occupation: Politician