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No man e'er felt the halter draw, With good opinion of the law. ---->>>

But optics sharp it needs, I ween, To see what is not to be seen. ---->>>

As though there were a tie And obligation to posterity. We get them, bear them, breed, and nurse: What has posterity done for us. That we, lest they their rights should lose, Should trust our necks to gripe of noose? ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: June 6, 1756
Birthplace: Lebanon, Colony of Connecticut, British America
Die: November 10, 1843
Occupation: Artist

John Trumbull (June 6, 1756 – November 10, 1843) was an American artist during the period of the American Revolutionary War and was notable for his historical paintings. He has been called "The Painter of the Revolution". His Declaration of Independence (1817) was used on the reverse of the commemorative bicentennial two-dollar bill (wikipedia)