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Although I write dystopian fiction, I don't believe in dystopian fantasies. ---->>>

Without private thoughts and actions, we can never truly be free. ---->>>

Anyone who steps back for a minute and observes our modern digital world might conclude that we have destroyed our privacy in exchange for convenience and false security. ---->>>

You can't truly hear your own voice until the shouting around you disappears. New ideas and possibilities - our own ideas, our own possibilities - will occur only when we step away from the Virtual Panopticon. ---->>>


Occupation: Author

John Twelve Hawks (pseudonym) is the author of the 2005 dystopian novel The Traveler and its sequels, The Dark River and The Golden City, collectively comprising the Fourth Realm Trilogy. The trilogy has been translated into 25 languages and has sold more than 1.5 million books. The trilogy was followed five years later by a fourth book, Spark, and a non-fiction eBook, Against Authority (wikipedia)