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Never rise to speak till you have something to say; and when you have said it, cease. ---->>>

The people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those whom they invest with authority either in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches. ---->>>

Never read a book through merely because you have begun it. ---->>>

Those who wish well to the State ought to choose to places of trust men of inward principle, justified by exemplary conversation. ---->>>


John Witherspoon profile (john-witherspoon.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: February 15, 1723
Birthplace: Gifford, East Lothian, Scotland
Die: November 15, 1794
Occupation: Politician

John Witherspoon (February 5, 1723 – November 15, 1794) was a Scottish-American Presbyterian minister and a Founding Father of the United States. Witherspoon embraced the concepts of Scottish Common Sense Realism, and while president of the College of New Jersey (1768–94; now Princeton University), became an influential figure in the development of the United States' national character (wikipedia)