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One day, the infielders were having a pretty bad time and were making some bad throws to me at first base. After digging a few out of the dirt, Joe Orengo called over to me, 'Atta boy, John, you look like a big cat.' Some of the writers overheard the remark and asked Joe about it later. The nickname has stuck with me ever since. ---->>>

The fact is, when I was 15 and a sophomore at high school, I played on the varsity baseball team for the college. ---->>>

Years ago, the writers were telling me that I'd make the Hall of Fame, so I kind of prepared a speech. But somewhere along in the 28 years, it got lost. ---->>>


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Nationality: American
Born: 01-07, 1913
Die: 06-02, 1993
Occupation: Athlete