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That test should not be about ratings. What should weigh is the knowledge that a public broadcaster delivers programmes that matter. ---->>>

The BBC has the obligation to think big. And at the moment, that clarion call sounds an uncertain note to me. ---->>>

Food is about communal togetherness. Our family does sit at the table. I think it's a great tragedy if a family doesn't have a table, as there is such an atmosphere of good will and warmth when we have eight people sitting around it. ---->>>

I have to grit my teeth sometimes, knowing I am going to be written about. But I think it is my life, and I don't want to get people interested in debating it. But I do feel that if you are going to put yourself about as a public person on a television screen, there's a curiosity. ---->>>

Anyone who thinks that you become a journalist or broadcaster in order to be a wallflower needs to think again. ---->>>

I deplore the loss of arts on BBC One and Two. ---->>>

I ought to rejoice in the fact that our principal rival has died, but I don't. ---->>>

The BBC produces wonderful programmes; it also produces a load of old rubbish. ---->>>

The long, forensic interview really matters. ---->>>

The moment seemed right to me for a full and, if possible, authoritative portrait of the life and character of the Prince of Wales. ---->>>

I was a reluctant convert, and I am by no means a zealot. But the evidence is compelling: to write off wind-power is either ill-informed or dishonest. ---->>>

Over the last two years, I have been able to comb through The Prince's archives. I have been free to read his journals, diaries and many thousands of the letters. ---->>>

Travelling to make television programmes means I have some unusual food memories. In Pasto, Colombia, I was taken to a restaurant where I chose my meat for the evening from a cage of white rats. It tasted perfectly good - like rabbit. ---->>>

Food is important to me, but I wouldn't say that I'm a gourmet. I don't like tricksy food. ---->>>

For a few months when I was about 17, I smoked a small cigar because I thought it looked cool and it would get me the girls. It didn't. ---->>>

I adore Madonna. She reinvents herself like no one else. ---->>>

I don't love the media. I'm part of it, but you can't love a porcupine. ---->>>

I hate flying. My stomach churns at the mere thought of it. ---->>>

I honestly believe that TV generally is obsessed with the ratings battle to the point of cutting its own throat. ---->>>

I was born with a silver microphone in my mouth, and that was an advantage. My father wrote books and was also a great broadcaster. ---->>>

I was obliged to play the piano, like middle-class children are. I didn't start to love it until I was 14. ---->>>

I'm not certain that the BBC can claim to be making a wide enough range of distinctive programmes to make the case convincingly. ---->>>

In the world in which we live, truth is an ancillary virtue, but it shouldn't be. ---->>>

It is easy enough to hold an opinion, but rather more testing to act on it. ---->>>

My two great treats in life are baked beans and vanilla ice-cream. ---->>>

Programme names have been changed, and we have Andrew Neil saying he won't be using long words. ---->>>

The challenge is the culture. You have to have a vision for the BBC-it can't merely be that it's big and has a place in the market. ---->>>

While I have corrected agreed factual errors, I have not been inhibited from writing what I felt to be the truth about The Prince of Wales. ---->>>

You have to be damn certain you're putting something better in its place. ---->>>

I had no expectation that the Prince would offer me the unprecedented and unfettered access to the original and entirely untapped sources on which this biography is based. ---->>>

I was disappointed not to be able to interview Mr. Clinton. I met him two years ago. I was looking forward to talking with him about issues from Africa to terrorism. ---->>>

Not every programme dealing with issues of global significance has to be fronted by last week's winner of Have I Got News For You-but I suppose you might be wrong. ---->>>

As a young man, causes of one kind or another engaged me, and I thought the media is where you express yourself in that. I lived with the illusion, for quite a long time, that if you described something accurately, something would be done about it. ---->>>

As it is, the grotesque distortions of the global market mean that for every dollar the West dispatches to Africa in the form of aid, two dollars are clawed back through subsidies and tariff barriers: a monumental rip-off by the rich as they instruct the poor to accept 'free' trade or else. ---->>>

At home in Devon, my wife Jessica does a huge proportion of the cooking - I do the basics. My timing is extremely good, particularly when it comes to vegetables, perhaps because in my work, timing is everything. I know exactly what fits into a minute when broadcasting, and I apply the same to carrots. ---->>>

Ethiopia is engraved on my heart. I first went in 1973 because I heard of a terrible famine. They were denying it even as we got the film out. The coverage destroyed the emperor's credibility. ---->>>

I am now certain that we have no alternative but to reduce urgently the levels of carbon that we are still pumping into the atmosphere as though tomorrow simply didn't matter. If we don't act collectively and individually, our children and their children will reap a whirlwind which will obliterate their civilisation. ---->>>

I cycle, I take an hour's strenuous walk in the evening, I play tennis twice a week with a trainer, and I sail. I used to ride horses professionally - I'd ride seven or eight horses a day, so I had to be fit for that. ---->>>

I fail to understand how you can justify a poll tax on the entire population, yet exclude a significant proportion of that population from programmes that this tax is paying for. ---->>>

I have a great deal of joy in my life, and I'm very fortunate. That combination makes you aware of just how wonderful life can be on the one hand and how dreadful it can be for people on the other. You can't be happy in isolation. ---->>>

I used to hunt as a child but gave up the chase in my 'Ho Ho Ho Chi-Minh, we shall fight and we shall win' chanting and marching days - by which time I had come to share Oscar Wilde's feelings about 'the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable.' ---->>>

I've never been a depressive, but I felt quite close to the edge at times. But you never know what's around the corner. Mercifully, what's around the corner is joy. ---->>>

It's absolutely fine to think of new ways of doing things, and I'm not just asking for the traditional reporter to look into our living rooms night after night. ---->>>

My only real claim to fame is that I was southern England show-jumping champion in 1966. The day after my father died, 'Horse & Hound' magazine tipped me as a future Olympic champion, and I took it seriously. You can only really enjoy something if you take it seriously. ---->>>

Presidents and prime ministers, whether they live in the rich or the poor world, are insulated and isolated from the devastating impact of global poverty. They read the statistics, but they rarely witness at first hand the misery and degradation of life on a dollar a day. ---->>>

Recently, I had a hip resurfaced. It's different from a hip replacement because it's done with titanium. I like to think that it's the consequence of riding horses so strenuously, but I fear it's much more mundane and was just early-onset arthritis. ---->>>

Rolling my trousers down to expose the upper part of my buttocks and having a knife pressed up and down my spine by a Russian white witch, as she murmured incantations, was certainly a new experience to cure my backache. It was surprisingly soothing. ---->>>

Until I was 21, I wasn't going into the media. I was a professional show jumper; I was going to have a farm... Then my father died, and it changed my life. I realised I had to have a go at being a journalist to see if I could cut the mustard. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 07-31, 1944
Birthplace: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Occupation: Writer

Jonathan Dimbleby (born 31 July 1944 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire) is a British presenter of current affairs and political radio and television programmes, an author and historian. He is the son of Richard Dimbleby and younger brother of British TV presenter David Dimbleby.(wikipedia)