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Someday I want to have my own clothing line, perfume and makeup line. ---->>>

I can go without make-up and go fishing with my dad; other times, I buy pink shoes and shop for dresses. ---->>>

I'm an all-American girl. ---->>>

Sixth grade was definitely a hard year for me. I got left out because I didn't go to any of the parties or hang out with the 'cool kids.' I was focusing on my academics. I wasn't allowed to go to any of the parties. ---->>>

I auditioned for a play in fifth grade, and that's when I knew that I wanted to be a singer and performer. ---->>>


Jordan Pruitt profile (jordan-pruitt.JPG)
Nationality: American
Born: 05-19, 1991
Occupation: Artist

Jordan Lynne Pruitt (born May 19, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American recording artist. After recording a demo album in 2006, Pruitt was signed to Hollywood Records. Pruitt has released two albums, the debut No Ordinary Girl (2007) followed by Permission to Fly (2008). "Outside Looking In" is taken from the debut album, which charted on the US Billboard 200 (wikipedia)