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I'm under no illusions about the importance of my work. But if it has any worth, it is that it truly reflects the Brazilian people. ---->>>

The best translations are always the ones in the language the author can't read. ---->>>

Night was running ahead of itself. ---->>>

I am like my characters - sometimes even the female ones. ---->>>

Many things I might not write today because I no longer believe them, but I wouldn't change them, since I believed them at the time. ---->>>

I am a writer who has written about the life of my people, the character of my people. What I can say is that the greatest hero of the Brazilian novel is the Brazilian people. ---->>>


Nationality: Brazilian
Born: 08-10, 1912
Die: 08-06, 2001
Occupation: Writer

Jorge Leal Amado de Faria (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈʒɔʁʒi lɛˈaw ɐˈmadu dʒi fɐˈɾi.ɐ], 10 August 1912 – 6 August 2001) was a Brazilian writer of the modernist school. He remains the best known of modern Brazilian writers, with his work having been translated into some 49 languages and popularized in film, notably Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands in 1978 (wikipedia)