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I know nothing about mysteries. I don't take to them.

I know nothing about mysteries. I don't take to them.

A life being enacted onstage is a thing of utter fascination for me. And acting, it may begin out of vanity, but you hope that it's taken over by something else. I hope I've climbed over the vanity hurdle. ---->>>


Joseph Wiseman profile (joseph-wiseman.jpg)
Nationality: Canadian
Born: 03-15, 1918
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Die: 10-19, 2009
Occupation: Actor

Joseph Wiseman (May 15, 1918 – October 19, 2009) was a Canadian theatre and film actor, best known for starring as the villain Julius No in the first James Bond film, Dr. No, his role as Manny Weisbord on the TV series Crime Story, and his career on Broadway. He was once called "the spookiest actor in the American theatre" (wikipedia)