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I'm very happy being me, although sometimes I'd love to be a bird so that I could fly. ---->>>

I've always been hopelessly stuck in the present. ---->>>

Perfect happiness is knowing that everyone I love is healthy, safe, and content. ---->>>

There aren't too many people out there who can start one of my books and not finish it. I don't think too many writers can say that. ---->>>

I might not write fiction in the literary sense. But I write very well. My characters are good. My dialogue is good. And my stories are really involving. ---->>>

I'm writing exactly the kinds of books I like to write. And they're the kinds of books I like to read. They're popular commercial fiction. That's what they are. ---->>>

I always say what's on my mind. No need to second guess with me. ---->>>

My books are not generic. You know when you're reading a Joy Fielding book. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: 03-18, 1945
Occupation: Novelist

Joy Fielding (née Tepperman; born March 18, 1945) is a Canadian novelist and actress. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.(wikipedia)