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The margin for making mistakes has gotten much smaller. In a commodity economy, it's hard to kill off your business. You still have the mine. You still have oil wells. You can always rebuild. In a knowledge economy, if you make a mistake, you're in trouble. ---->>>

It's not completely inconceivable that someday you'll be able to download your own memories. ---->>>

One of the good things about the public Human Genome Project is that the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health spent a part of their budget on the ethical, legal, and social implications of their research. ---->>>

We have to make sure that when we make choices as a society, people understand the choices, agree with them, and are behind them. Otherwise, the system is going to fall apart. ---->>>

The difference between humans and Neanderthals is .004 percent of gene code. That's how big the difference is, one species to another. ---->>>

I think we're going to move from a Homo sapiens into a Homo evolutis:... a hominid that takes direct and deliberate control over the evolution of his species, her species and other species. ---->>>

If you want to compete in bioinformatics, first you need to compete for really smart people. You need really smart people who understand how to manipulate nanomolecules. ---->>>


Nationality: Mexican
Born: 06-11, 2017
Occupation: Educator

Juan EnrĂ­quez Cabot (born 1959) is a Mexican-American academic, businessman, and speaker. He is Managing Director of Excel Venture Management, and is a best-selling author.(wikipedia)