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These fellows in our league lie too much about their ages. ---->>>

It will have to be a universal movement, and that will never be... because the big-league game, as it is now, is overrun with Southern blood. These fellows would have to stop at the same hotels, eat in the same dining rooms, and sleep in the same train compartments with the colored players. There'd be trouble for sure. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: February 28, 1894
Die: 06-24, 1963
Occupation: Athlete

Ernest Judson Wilson (February 28, 1894 – June 24, 1963), nicknamed "Boojum", was an American third baseman, first baseman, and manager in Negro league baseball. He played for the Baltimore Black Sox, the Homestead Grays, and the Philadelphia Stars between 1922 and 1945. Wilson was known a unique physique, a quick temper and outstanding hitting skills (wikipedia)