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I have a few customers who have two or three hundred bags. When you see a lady carrying a little dog bag or a little cat bag or an egg, it makes you happy. ---->>>

I am not pushy. You want it, you buy it. Most people hit the customer over the head. But if you're too self-important, it's kind of repellent. ---->>>

I have a good sense of humor. I think everything we do should have whimsy in it. ---->>>

If I make a new bag I love, I don't keep it. ---->>>

I always had a good dexterity. The story in my family goes that at the age of 3 I could thread needles faster than anybody. ---->>>


Nationality: Hungarian
Born: 06-21, 2015
Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary
Occupation: Designer

Judith Leiber (born Judith Peto January 11, 1921 in Budapest, Hungary) is an American fashion designer and businesswoman.(wikipedia)