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If you skate too slow, it's not feeling comfortable at all. ---->>>

The main thing for me now is figure skating, which I intend to devote more than one year. ---->>>

My mother gave up everything for me. In Yekaterinburg, she had a job and an apartment in the centre of the city and her whole life. And in Moscow - nothing. ---->>>


Julia Lipnitskaya profile (julia-lipnitskaya.jpeg)
Nationality: Russian
Born: 06-05, 1998
Birthplace: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Occupation: Athlete

Yulia Vyacheslavovna Lipnitskaya (alt. spelling: Julia Lipnitskaia; Russian: Ю́лия Вячесла́вовна Липни́цкая, Russian: [ˈjulʲɪjə vʲɪtɕɪˈslavəvnə lʲɪpˈnitskəjə]; born 5 June 1998) is a Russian figure skater. Lipnitskaya was part of the Russian team to win the 2014 Winter Olympics team trophy (wikipedia)