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I find music distracting - it takes me out of my head. What I love so much about skiing is the peacefulness. ---->>>

The truth is, the sport of skiing takes so much effort, setting up and traveling with equipment, that you can only train for a certain number of days in the summer. Most of my peers ski between 40 to 60 days. I ski about 55 days. ---->>>

I ski fast for me, first and foremost, and I ski fast for my family, and it's always the love that gets me to the podium. ---->>>

My best event is Super-G. I'm competitive in all my events, but Super-G has been most consistent for me. ---->>>

The best part about Maui is that I can spend a lot of time outside. My off-season is April, May, and June. ---->>>

What has helped me prevent injuries is being connected and having my body aligned. Every morning, I roll out and then work on my core and my balance. ---->>>

When I travel, I always have about 40 pairs of skis with me, plus a ski technician and a ski coach.

When I travel, I always have about 40 pairs of skis with me, plus a ski technician and a ski coach.

Downhillers are going over 110 miles per hour. But no matter what, you can't hit the fence at 100 miles per hour. ---->>>

For me, personally, getting a podium is not as important as feeling super comfortable on my skiing. ---->>>

I come to Maui and go surfing, standup paddling, slacklining, swimming, and free-diving. ---->>>

I do Nike Training Club, which is actually really hard and intense. I'm surprised every time I do it. I also use Map My Ride and Map My Run. ---->>>

I don't really believe in lucky things, but I wear lucky underwear as a joke. ---->>>

I work out a lot, but I like to do action sports. A lot of surfing, mountain-biking. ---->>>

I'm excited to watch slope style and halfpipe. And then, of course, when my events are done, I get to go to hockey, which is always entertaining. I also like figure skating. I think every girl grew up watching figure skating. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 03-09, 1984
Occupation: Athlete

Julia Marie Mancuso (born March 9, 1984) is an American World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist. She won the giant slalom at the 2006 Winter Olympics, and was the silver medalist in both downhill and combined in 2010, and the bronze medalist in the combined in 2014. She has also won five medals (two silver and three bronze) at the World Championships and seven races in regular World Cup competition (wikipedia)