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I can be a bit nosey. I like a bit of gossip.

I can be a bit nosey. I like a bit of gossip.

I'd love to have been in things like 'The Jewel in the Crown,' but of course they're terribly old English. I can do that. But I'm not that. ---->>>


Julia McKenzie profile (julia-mckenzie.jpg)
Nationality: English
Born: 02-17, 1941
Birthplace: Enfield, Middlesex, England
Occupation: Actress

Julia Kathleen McKenzie (born 17 February 1941) is an English actress, singer, presenter, and theatre director. On television, she is known for her BAFTA Award nominated role as Hester Fields in the sitcom Fresh Fields (1984–86) and its sequel French Fields (1989–91), and as Miss Marple in Agatha Christie's Marple (2008–13) (wikipedia)