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It's important in show business to have friends who understand the cut and thrust of everyday working life and the constant rejection.

It's important in show business to have friends who understand the cut and thrust of everyday working life and the constant rejection.

I think it's kind of nice, in this day and age of instant gratification, that you have to wait for something. ---->>>

I think competitiveness between two people is still relevant, and the battle of the sexes still intrigues. ---->>>

The iPhone revolutionised the mobile industry, rather like the iPod before it with the personal music player. ---->>>

What I enjoy is a collaboration. Working with other like-minded people. People who have brilliant minds and big hearts. ---->>>

I just love New York, I love the people. The energy of the place. I really feel energized working here. I've always been made to feel very welcome, and it's a tremendous city. ---->>>

I read recently of the advent of a completely wireless house. Having just moved house and being drowned in billions of cords and cables, that sounds like a great thing to have. ---->>>

I think I've got better at expressing my emotions. But going through the education system I went through - I don't think you can go to boarding school and come out without feeling a little repressed - yes, it does leave its mark on you. ---->>>

It seems like pop singing has sort of influenced musical theatre in so many ways - you could argue good or bad, really - and musical theatre is written for that style so often, which is a completely different style. ---->>>

Looking back at those great singers like Gordon MacRae and Howard Keel - they have such a specific kind of style that it seems like we don't really appreciate anymore. ---->>>

Acting, musicals, bringing out an album - not many people have done that. Anthony Newley, Barbra Streisand? ---->>>

'Easy listening' is a term that is often used incorrectly.

'Easy listening' is a term that is often used incorrectly.

I don't assume that I am going to be cast as a Glaswegian landlord. ---->>>

I don't go to church regularly. I wouldn't say I was religious, but more spiritual. ---->>>

I download TV shows more and more, especially from the U.S. ---->>>

I feel that doing theater does give you a good grounding to work on camera. The audience is the lens. ---->>>

I still buy CDs and DVDs, but generally for more obscure material. ---->>>

I'd like to be in a play with Mark Rylance. ---->>>

I'm not much of a musical-goer; they don't really appeal to me. ---->>>

It's a crazy - crazy - amount of talent on 'Smash.'

It's a crazy - crazy - amount of talent on 'Smash.'

New York seems to be absolutely filled with brilliant people. ---->>>

Reality TV has taken over.

Reality TV has taken over.

The Royals work very hard.

The Royals work very hard.

There are lots of good directors I would like to work with; I want to be inspired and challenged by them. ---->>>

I trained as a singer before I was an actor. I was a kid singer, I went to theater and choir school, and then I got music scholarships throughout my education. And that's what I was going to do. And then I took a left turn and went to drama school and became an actor. ---->>>

It's quite an interesting time, the '20s, because the politics of England were changing quite a lot, and the class structure was starting to shift a little. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 11-29, 1976
Birthplace: Sheffield, England, UK
Occupation: Actor

Julian Mark Ovenden (born 29 November 1976) is an English stage, television and film actor and singer. He has starred on Broadway and in the West End, in television series in both the UK and US, as well as having an international career as a concert and recording artist. (wikipedia)