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Companies from which I have purchased items are more than welcome to call me with a sale or discount. If I request information on your Web site, please call me. If I don't want your wares, calling me 15 times in a week will not change that. ---->>>

There is a universal fascination with the living dead. There is more to a zombie story that a bunch of corpses attacking the living. The real power of such a story lies with the undercurrent of hopelessness compounded by a very real instinct to survive. ---->>>

A telemarketer has as much right to force people to listen to a sales pitch as a door-to-door salesman has to force himself into a home. ---->>>

I read a zombie story, and I have nightmares for days. But my youngest sister loves zombie stories. So when she insisted it was time for Bards and Sages to put together a zombie book, I couldn't tell her 'no.' ---->>>

The do-not-call list puts the responsibility where it should be: on the telemarketers. If they want to make the calls, they should be the ones doing the work to ensure fairness. ---->>>

Virtually every community in the country has legislation regulating door-to-door trade, yet telemarketers have run unchecked for years. The industry in general uses all sorts of slimy tricks to make sure you never make it to the do-not-call list. ---->>>


Julie Ann Dawson profile (julie-ann-dawson.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 1971
Occupation: Writer

Julie Ann Dawson (born August 1971), is an American horror fiction writer, RPG designer, and publisher.(wikipedia)