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I think it's good for sporting justice that Ronaldo scored twice in the final. ---->>>

As soon as he thinks about the record, he's finished. The secret is to put it out of your mind. ---->>>

I think I'll take my record of 13 goals to the grave. ---->>>

In those days there was not so much pressure on us. ---->>>

I spent my first twenty years in Morocco, where I coached the national team. ---->>>

My record of 13 goals in the World Cup finals still stands. ---->>>

Nowadays, as soon as a striker scores three goals, everyone starts asking him about it. ---->>>

Only two journalists followed the team around. ---->>>


Nationality: French
Born: 08-18, 1933
Occupation: Athlete

Just "Justo" Fontaine (pronounced: [ʒyst fɔ̃.tɛn]; born 18 August 1933) is a retired French footballer. A prolific forward, he is best known for being the record holder for most goals scored in a single edition of the FIFA World Cup, with 13 in six matches in 1958. In 2004, Pelé named him one of the 125 Greatest Living Footballers at a FIFA Awards Ceremony (wikipedia)