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Rare is the union of beauty and purity. ---->>>

Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior. ---->>>

Our virtues are most frequently but vices disguised. ---->>>

All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price. ---->>>

I wish it, I command it. Let my will take the place of a reason. ---->>>

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. ---->>>

For women's tears are but the sweat of eyes. ---->>>

The traveller with empty pockets will sing in the thief 's face. ---->>>

It is difficult not to write satire. ---->>>

A child is owed the greatest respect; if you have ever have something disgraceful in mind, don't ignore your son's tender years. ---->>>

Censure acquits the raven, but pursues the dove. ---->>>

There is hardly a case in which the dispute was not caused by a woman. ---->>>

It is not easy for men to rise whose qualities are thwarted by poverty. ---->>>

No one ever became extremely wicked suddenly. ---->>>

One globe seemed all too small for the youthful Alexander. ---->>>

This is his first punishment, that by the verdict of his own heart no guilty man is acquitted. ---->>>

No one ever reached the worst of a vice at one leap. ---->>>


Name: Juvenal
Nationality: Roman
Born: 60
Die: 130
Occupation: Poet

Decimus Iūnius Iuvenālis [ˈdɛkɪmʊs ˈjuː.ni.ʊs ˈjʊ.wɛ.naː.lɪs], known in English as Juvenal , was a Roman poet active in the late first and early second century AD. He is the author of the collection of satirical poems known as the Satires. The details of the author's life are unclear, although references within his text to known persons of the late first and early second centuries AD fix his earliest date of composition (wikipedia)