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It is hard work to give life to new characters every single day. It is not as if I am God. I am just a tired, middle-aged woman trying to keep going. ---->>>

I use the setting of a small rural Norwegian community - the kind of place that I know so intimately. I could never write a novel set in a big city, because, frankly, I don't know what it would be like. ---->>>

Mankind can be very magnanimous, given the chance. ---->>>

Successful people are not interesting. I feel for the losers. That's where my heart lies. ---->>>

I believe I could commit a crime. We all can. It depends on which situations we find ourselves in. In despair, I would steal food if my children were hungry. ---->>>

I'm not a good crime writer. I'm not good with plots... so I have to do something else. ---->>>

I have experienced a murderer among my friends. Many, many years ago. At close range I have seen the impact of it. I knew the victim, I went to the funeral, I have been to the house, to the specific room where the killing took place, and I was stunned by it. It's such a blow. ---->>>


Nationality: Norwegian
Born: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Writer

Karin Fossum (born 6 November 1954) is a Norwegian author of crime fiction, often referred to as the "Norwegian queen of crime".(wikipedia)