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Definitely, a non-tribal can become chief minister in Jharkhand. ---->>>

I am a common man. Why do I need security? ---->>>

I grow the vegetables my family eats. I grow enough, and we seldom buy from the market. ---->>>


Kariya Munda profile (kariya-munda.png)
Nationality: Indian
Born: 04-20, 1936
Occupation: Politician

Kariya Munda (born 20 April 1936) is an Indian politician and the former Deputy Speaker of the 15th Lok Sabha. He has been a former minister in the Government of India, in the Governments led by the Janata Party in 1977 and by Bhartiya Janata Party, from 1999 onwards. He was first inducted in the Morarji Desai government in 1977 and given the portfolio of Steel Ministry, in the capacity as the Minister of State (wikipedia)