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I'd rather share the glory of a hit than star by myself in a flop.

I'd rather share the glory of a hit than star by myself in a flop.

As someone who has had cancer, I learned that you don't have to die. Look at me. Because of early detection, I'm fine. I'm cured. I'm well. ---->>>

All women should understand that a mammogram is nothing to be afraid of. It's not an enemy but a friend. Early detection is the key to the cure. ---->>>

I left my mark on 'Dark Shadows.' One day I was doing my lines perfectly from Act 3. Everyone else was doing Act 2. ---->>>

I'm married now, so I have a life. I had to get a life. That's one thing I really had to do, you know. You do that kind of work on television series after television series and you don't have a life. So, that's part of what I did while I was gone, I got a life. ---->>>

Sometimes the better an actor is, the less he's noticed. ---->>>

I feel very lucky. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-29, 1948
Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Occupation: Actress

Lucy Kate Jackson (born October 29, 1948) is an American actress, director and producer, known for her television roles as Sabrina Duncan in the 1970s series Charlie's Angels (1976–79) and Amanda King in the 1980s series Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–87). Her film roles include Making Love (1982) and Loverboy (1989) (wikipedia)